#WomenInBusiness Series Introduces: Michele McBride

If any of us have a right to use the hashtags #entrepreneur , #ceo , #bossbabe and #WomanInBusiness it would be Michele! An example of how dedication, hard work and following proven business principles and models does work. Let us tell you a little about her...

Michele McBride is an operating partner, real estate investor, business coach and trainer as well as an investor and owner of multiple Keller Williams Market Centers. Michele is passionate about developing leaders and helping people reach their fullest potential. In her role, she is responsible for consulting leaders on how to achieve top performance results by using the KW models and systems. Michele is a member of the Keller Williams University faculty, where she coaches, trains and supports agents and leaders from around the country on how to build big businesses. The Greater Pennsylvania Region consists of three states (NJ, PA, and DE), has over 9,500 agents and 47 market centers. In 2020, the Greater Pennsylvania Region experienced an increase in closed sales volume of over 22.5%, or over $3.75 Billion. - Modern Luxury Feb 2021

Modern Luxury Magazine recently highlighted her and one of her business partners. You can read the entire article by clicking here. We asked Michele what was one bit of advice that she would want to give any woman that aspired to be an entrepreneur or for those who are already in business she said:

"I have so many things that I would want young women to know but what comes to my mind right now is - listen to your inner voice. Follow your heart and your instincts. You know what you want to do and how to do it. Get to it."

TAMC is proud to have partnered with Michele's real estate office, Keller Williams Wilmington and we are offering a robust and unique real estate agent coaching program. Our hands on and white glove business and real estate coaching program is ensuring that all newly licensed agents are knowledgeable and well equipped to provide the best real estate services to our clients in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. If you would like to know more about this coaching program just follow us @realestateprocoach.

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