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#WomenInBusiness Series Introduces: Ivy Harlev

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The first thought that came to my mind while researching Ivy Harlev was, what a community crusader! My second thought was, I must make sure that more people know her and know how she is such a purveyor of change and equality in our community. Let me introduce her...

Photograph of Ivy Harlev taken by Elisa Morris
Photographer: Elisa Morris

Ivy Harlev has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Siegel JCC since 2006. Since taking on the role of CEO, Ivy has overseen the introduction and implementation of a strategic plan, the addition of the JLoop jogging track, expansion of the Early Childhood Center to over 200 students, among other things.

Ivy has worked in the JCC field for over 25 years. Beginning her career with the JCC of Greater Palm Beaches as the Youth and Teen Director, she then worked at the JCCs of Greater Philadelphia. Ivy has been with the Siegel JCC in Delaware since 1998. Ivy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Business from the University of Florida and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, Ivy holds a certificate in Jewish Communal Services from Gratz College.

Ivy and her wife, Donna, live in Wilmington, DE, with their son Micah (19). Their daughter Lea (21) is a junior at the University of California Santa Barbara. In her spare time, Ivy enjoys volunteering for the Archmere Academy garage sale and at Child Inc. as well as playing tennis, working out, organizing and spending time with friends and family.

Photo of Ivy Harlev taken by Donna Harlev
Photographer: Donna Harlev

Ivy's main focus has been on taking care of our community and sustaining the JCC through the challenges associated with the global pandemic, political division, and substantial inequality. Some agency accomplishments during this challenging time – over 10,000 meals delivered to seniors and adults with special needs, 5,000 virtual program connections for fitness, preschool, and community gatherings, and connected over 100 people to getting their COVID vaccine.

Photo of Ivy Harlev taken by Donna Harlev
Photographer: Donna Harlev

I asked Ivy to relay one piece of advice that she would want her fellow #WomenInBusiness to know and she said:

I think it is really important to believe in yourself, foster a support system (a personal board of directors), and build a top notch team that have skills/talents that compliment yours.

For more information about Ivy Harlev and/or the Siegel JCC located in Wilmington, Delaware visit:

TA Management & Consulting is a crusader like Ivy - for educating, inspiring and guiding people in our community about the endless opportunities and possibilities in the fields of business and entrepreneurship. We are happy to share her story and encourage you to share this story for inspirational purposed!

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